Side Effect: Sudden Suicide

Things were finally getting back on track for Jean, his life had been a bit of a mess in the last few years. Depression plagued his existence, it was his constant companion back then and nothing, not his wife, his kids or any of the affairs that he had had fixed that ever present black void.

He had found relief for a time in his Christianity, having had repented of his sins and followed Jesus as Lord and Savior gave him great joy. So when the depression came again he tried to stave it off, after all a Christians joy came from doing unto others and following what the Bible said. He had some limited success with prayer and accountability with in the Church, but as time had passed he began to act as he did whenever he was depressed. This had lead to a Church scandal, he had had an affair with one of the women in the congregation.

That affair cost him his marriage, his wife had had enough. She took the kids and left him, and after a few weeks the divorce papers arrived. Jean was so far gone that he didn’t even fight the divorce, he got a lawyer and gave his ex-wife everything. It cost him his spiritual home, the pastor had asked him to leave as he was so obviously in sin and not right with Christ. He was almost at rock bottom then, and once his life had fallen to the point where he was living in his car he sought professional help.

Medical science had come quite far in the last hundred years, and the doctors had been able to pin point the problem. A massive protein build up in the hypo-campus of his brain was causing the neurotransmitters to misfire. This was what was leading to his depression.

The doctor that looked into Jean’s case had told him that there was a new drug on the market that had been formulated with protein block in mind. The drug was completely covered by the World Health Benefit and was going to get his life back on track. The catch was the delivery system for the protein inhibitor, a device needed to be implanted directly into the hypo-campus in order to deliver the drug directly to the problem area. Of course there was a risk with any surgery, but what about having a machine stuck in his head? The doctor told him when this device first was introduced there were some issues, users felt uneasy, some experienced nausea and a few had mobility issues. That was it, and these issue were tracked to how the device was connected to the nerve fibers and brain tissue. Since those things were corrected there had been a one hundred percent success rate over the last fifty years.

With all of this information considered Jean consented to the procedure.

It took a few weeks, but things began to look better. Life was bearable again, Jean was amazed at how things that had annoyed him before now, didn’t bother him. He didn’t even mind when people ordered to much for the drive thru any more. He was able to land a job for the first time in years, and as time passed he was commended for his work ethic.

Jean was able to reconcile with his ex-wife, and while they didn’t remarry, Jean was able to be a part of his children’s life again. He knew there was no way to make up for the lost time, but he could make the most of the time he had now.

Jean had just left his old church parking lot. After a few meetings with his old pastor, it was decided it was time for reconciliation. Jean had missed his church family and even though it meant standing up and apologizing to the congregation, he couldn’t wait to get back to listening to his pastor teach the Word and see what things he might learn from it.

As he drove along on his way home, a strange feeling came over Jean. He couldn’t identify the feeling, it was completely foreign to him. He drove out of the city and along the highway near the lake that he lived close to. Usually a drive by the lake made him feel better, but not this time. Before he even realized it himself, Jean was yanking on the steering wheel, sending his car on a one way trip over the cliff and into the lake.

It wasn’t until Jean’s body was discovered and autopsied that the issue was discovered. The medical device that had allow Jean to clean up his life had formed a new connection in his brain. When that connection became active during a treatment delivery, it had caused a suicidal response.

“And that ladies and gentlemen of the jury is why we are here today. Jean’s life was abruptly ended at a time when he was getting things back on track, when he was reunited with friends and family, when he was indeed being successful. Now thanks to this device that was supposed to help this man, he is now dead. You must find the defendants Medex Corp. guilty of not issuing proper side effect warnings and force the recall all direct delivery devices. Can any of us really feel comfortable allowing a medical device that comes with the warning side effects may include sudden suicide?” argued the lawyer for the class action law suit Jean Eddington Jr.

Note: This story originally appeared on Fictional Moments

On Readership

I find it a bit amusing that hear on this blog most times I can make a post and have at the vary least one view in minutes. I started writing  flash fiction and short stories about three months ago, and on that blog I have four posts that have seen no views what so ever.

It makes me wonder why people are so into reading such things as the random thoughts of some Canadian and not the stories that same guy comes up with. In response to this thought I am going to post one original work that has no views here on Miscellaneous Thoughts and see if things go better.

Enjoy reading the story.

On Getting Older

Just recently I completed a project. When we moved into our place two years ago, I started a patio. It was just a small sitting area with a pad for our bbq near by. Last weekend I joined those together and put in a new bbq pad.

After lugging around ten 80 lbs patio stones and building a bbq pad and completing a patio in just four hours, I realized I’m getting older. I am six months away from forty, I am middle aged. 

I went at that project like I was still twenty, and to be honest most days I don’t feel any different from when I was twenty. That is until after I do something completely stupid like lug 800 lbs of concrete around in four hours. So from this I learned that you need to slow it down when you get older.

Well for three days I learned that, until it was time to go and get lumber to build garden boxes. Spending all day in the sun cut lumber and build 7′ X 3′ boxes all day takes it out of you to.

Moral of the story is; if you are a young man, be young. If you feel like a young man, your probably not, SLOW DOWN FOOL!!!!

On Pipes

As you may have guessed form a couple of my earlier posts, I smoke pipes. I started smoking pipes about 3 years ago and have never looked back. I really enjoy the hobby, trying the different tobaccos, meeting with others who smoke pipes and enjoy them like I do and of course the all important buying of the pipe.

To that end I would like to share my latest acquisition.

Brulor 1

This is a Brulor Page bulldog that I just received today. From my understanding this pipe was manufactured in France for Brulor, a small pipe and tobacco retailer. They shut down in the 1960’s. Someone got a hold of some new old stock and I was lucky enough to win the eBay auction this pipe was a part of.

Can’t wait to light this baby up tonight after the my boys are in bed. I always look forward to breaking in a new pipe.

On Brothers

I’ve been a father for almost four years now, and everyday I’m surprised by something new. Whether it’s something brand new or something that reminds me of my childhood. One thing I do have some trouble understanding are brothers.

In a few weeks my youngest will turn one year old, and that means I have been the father of two boys for the same amount of time. Don’t get me wrong I find it a most rewarding vocation, especially since I have been privileged enough to be able to stay at home during these early years. Not that it hasn’t been hard, I want to be out in the field in the traditional role of a father, but things haven’t been kind for me finding a job. I do what I can to provide for my family, but this isn’t the main point.

As I watch my boys interact, they are a constant curiosity for me. I am the oldest in my family and have no brothers, and a bunch of sisters. This leaves a bit of a gap in my understanding of what these two little ones are thinking. The mini fights and the wrestling that already happen between these two both amazing and annoying. Annoying in the fact that they are fighting or being rambunctious, and amazing in the fact that when they are done they seem to be closer than ever.

I don’t expect to understand this, but it is one of things that I love about being a Dad.