On How Time Flies

I was just looking at the fact that it’s been about four months since I actually posted anything. I started this blog with the intent of a weekly post at least, but find that due to life that is more difficult than it sounds.

Kids get sick, family functions happen and new projects take flight. The next thing you know days, weeks and months have passed. I like to write things, and sometimes life just doesn’t give you the time. What I guess I will have to do is make the time, even if it means starting over with a new schedule for life.

Yes, time flies, but for the important things we need to make time and let the unimportant fall by the way side.

Tempus Fugit!

On Painting

I like to create things, whether it be building a canjo, or making a painting then digitizing it and seeing what comes out of the photo manipultion software. I use GIMP for all my digital needs. I am not an expert so I can’t make it look like I am shaking hands with our Prime Minister, or make myself a character in a Star Wars still, but I can use the filters to come up with something unique and add watermarks.

Orignal Painting, the only addition is the watermark
Black and White version of my painting filtered in GIMP as if it had been photocopied.

On 2017

Here we are not even two weeks into the new year, and already it’s been interesting. My oldest has finally started potty training, and I would be more ecstatic if we didn’t have a five month old, so we are still in diapers for a least the next two years.

I have made my first pipe tobacco order for 2017, and am looking forward to receiving it next week, and am hoping the the nice people at the Canadian border don’t pick my package at customs, but in actuality, even if they do, I paid the purchase price with Christmas money. Win, Win for me.

My wife, at the end of 2016 was wondering about why she was in pain and her joints were swelling. Turns out that she has Fibromyalgia, now that is a plus and a minus. Plus because at least now we have a cause of the pain, minus because even though this is now a recognized disorder in Canada, you have to fight tooth and nail to get any kind of financial aid from disability. We were hoping to be able to bring her home from work when her mat leave was over, but we can at least cut her back a day at work so she doesn’t have to do forty hours a week.

We are coming up to the beginning of the Presidency of Donald Trump, between him and our own Prime Minister G. Q. Justin Trudeau, it will be an interesting next 3 years as the T’s of North America lead the so called free world.

Taking everything over the last ten days into account, I realize just how blessed we are to live in relative freedom. We could live in North Korea, or we could be in some impoverished country that we can’t even get clean drinking water. We all need to consider what we have, and be thankful.

Coffee Canjo/Cantar

Time for the last of the pics. The build is complete and the verdict is Canjo, I snapped the guitar string I was going to use for this build, but luckily I had a couple of Banjo strings around that I was given, so I used that and tuned it to the key of G. I like the sound, but due to the extra rise I have due to the banding the thing plays pretty quietly. It works out though since I have young ones, I can play anytime and hear just fine with out disturbing any naps.


Here’s the over all look.


Here’s a look down the neck, you can see the warp in the wood since I now have the string on, but this doesn’t affect the play-ability of the instrument.



And finally the head with the tuner peg installed. I opted for a closed in gear for two reasons, first I think it looks good and second, the gears won’t get as much gunk in them as open ones will.

So all total this build cost me around $13.50 for the parts that were bought specifically for it, $1.25 for the string, $2.02 for the tuner, around $10.23 for the poplar used in the neck and various other items the I had laying around from other projects that I had already bought.