Just recently I completed a project. When we moved into our place two years ago, I started a patio. It was just a small sitting area with a pad for our bbq near by. Last weekend I joined those together and put in a new bbq pad.

After lugging around ten 80 lbs patio stones and building a bbq pad and completing a patio in just four hours, I realized I’m getting older. I am six months away from forty, I am middle aged. 

I went at that project like I was still twenty, and to be honest most days I don’t feel any different from when I was twenty. That is until after I do something completely stupid like lug 800 lbs of concrete around in four hours. So from this I learned that you need to slow it down when you get older.

Well for three days I learned that, until it was time to go and get lumber to build garden boxes. Spending all day in the sun cut lumber and build 7′ X 3′ boxes all day takes it out of you to.

Moral of the story is; if you are a young man, be young. If you feel like a young man, your probably not, SLOW DOWN FOOL!!!!


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