Liberals downplay military role in Canada 150 celebrations, some historians say is the title of the article that I read this morning from CBC. As I read this article I couldn’t help but feel angry, my grandfather fought in Word War II, according to what I have been told he lied about his age to get into the armed forces in 1939. He was rotated out with an honourable discharge some time in 1946, now if you do the math and are a little familiar with history you can see that he served for the majority of the 6 years of that war, and a lot of it would have been in active service.

I, feel that this is an affront to not only those vets that have fought to give us the freedoms that we have, but to those who are in service to the military as I type this and you read this. These men and women have risked and continue to risk their lives to keep us free. To down play the role of the military to focus on Trudeau’s vision of a future that may or may not come into being is mortifying.

To all the pacifists whom support this down play rest assured the military men and women will protect you as ordered despite the blatant disrespect you give them.

To the person who commented on the above mention article who said we give the military their due on November 11th, I’m glad you respect the military men enough to pay your respects, but we all should be give those who fought and fight in ANY allied military force the respect they deserve WHENEVER we can.

To all of those with family and friends whom serve or have served in the military and respect the huge sacrifice of these men and women, good job in paying those respects.

To all the men and women of the military who are serving now, thank you.

To those who have served and are still here, thank you.

To those who served and have passed, thank you and we miss you.

To those who gave their lives from 1939 – 1945 and in all wars for our freedom, with immeasurable gratitude Thank You!

Finally to everyone here in Canada, Happy Canada Day tomorrow and to our neighbors in the U.S.A. Enjoy your Independence Day on the 4th and everyone in both countries be sure to thank a service man or woman for their sacrifice.


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