It’s one thing to sit at a computer and type what ever random stuff comes to mind and then post it to a blog about anything and everything. It’s another to sit and craft the written word into a story and then to have that story looked at by people who judge it and decide if it’s a worthy effort or not.

This is coming on the heels of my first rejection as an author. I have had incredible trouble locating a traditional job in the current economic climate here in Canada, so I decided to take it upon myself to create my own work. I have always loved stories and as a child, then teenager and even now as an adult love to create them. In stories you can make anything you want happen. Don’t like how your life is going? Just sit down at a keyboard and write how you think it should have happened.

As I decided to attempt to get my fictions published, I came to realize that it was an incredible journey to get to the point of sending in a story. First you write it, then polish it, next give it to people you can trust not to steal the idea to read and if all goes well after only one or two rewrites commit to a final draft.

Once the final draft it set, you need to submit it to publishers to see if they will print your work. Navigating that arena is a daunting task. You need to find a forum that fits your piece and the send it in according to the publishers guidelines for submissions. One thing that you may want to be aware is that most online or print publication do not like simultaneous submissions.

Simultaneous Submission – The act of sending in one story to multiple publishers at the same time.

This in itself makes getting published a chore and a half. As an example, I sent a story to Asimov Magazine (not the rejected one, here’s hopin’), they have a suggested turn around of five weeks before you receive any response. They also don’t allow for simultaneous submission, meaning that until Asimov says yes or no that story can’t be sent in to another publication for consideration. This obviously makes the publication process lengthy.

I think though, that through perseverance one of my stories will eventually be published by someone other than me. Self publication is a good option too, especially if you are just looking to have your name in black and white. There are many options for you to explore and I will not be taking time to go over them in detail, but if your interested in the self-publishing world search it out on the net.

Blogging is of course the easiest of self-publishing methods, and you retain copyright to your work without having to sell the rights to your work. To that end please feel free to check out my newest blog and first online story at Fictional Moments


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