Time for the last of the pics. The build is complete and the verdict is Canjo, I snapped the guitar string I was going to use for this build, but luckily I had a couple of Banjo strings around that I was given, so I used that and tuned it to the key of G. I like the sound, but due to the extra rise I have due to the banding the thing plays pretty quietly. It works out though since I have young ones, I can play anytime and hear just fine with out disturbing any naps.


Here’s the over all look.


Here’s a look down the neck, you can see the warp in the wood since I now have the string on, but this doesn’t affect the play-ability of the instrument.



And finally the head with the tuner peg installed. I opted for a closed in gear for two reasons, first I think it looks good and second, the gears won’t get as much gunk in them as open ones will.

So all total this build cost me around $13.50 for the parts that were bought specifically for it, $1.25 for the string, $2.02 for the tuner, around $10.23 for the poplar used in the neck and various other items the I had laying around from other projects that I had already bought.


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