Time for some more project pics. These are of the neck, the strumming area, nut and bridge. First an over all look.


I have added some natural, unstained oak ply to the nut area, along with an unstained clothes pin. Down at the bridge, another unstained clothes pin.


Here’s a look down the neck to the nut.


This is a single string build, so when I put the string will rest in the slotted screw, then once I have the tuning peg down to it.


This is the bridge and area that I will strum over. You can see the contrast here, I added the clothes pin piece to fill the space between the banding and the screw that will act as the bridge.


Just a closer look at the larger banding. I burnt the cross in, just on a whim, but this banding serves a purpose. I had to glue together two pieces of wood to make this instrument, so it is there to shore up the bond as well as to conceal the seem.

If all goes well I will have the tuning keys tomorrow, (the strings arrived today.) and be able to complete the build.


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