What I call this will depend greatly on its sound after it has been strung. I have built a few canjos now over the last year, my prototype which was reverse engineered from a picture I saw on the net, one out of a cigar box, which ultimately failed, and another coffee can instrument which I sold.


In the above pic you can see the design of the coffee can resonator, the one flaw I have found with this is the position of the two screws you can see attaching the neck to the coffee can. If and when the string snaps, it will be a real pain to change.


Here’s a look at the over all design, now this is just dry fit together to get the feel of how it will look and to make sure everything fits. There is still some work to do here, I will be burning on the fret lines and staining the wooden areas, not to mention installing the tuning peg and string and everything that goes with that. If all goes well I could actually have this completed by Christmas eve, (depending on how accurate Amazon’s delivery date on the parts I order is) and playing it on Christmas Day.


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