I recently saw a comment on Facebook by a person I know speaking in regards to the Millennial generation, about one in particular that he or she had dealings with. This individual had stated that this Millennial had stated that wearing a shirt and a tie was too uptight for him and that it made him a sell out. Also that this Millennial was going to be a stay at home dad, be poor and complain about not having enough money.

Unfortunately for the Millennial generation, this stereotype exists for a reason, and it is because the vast majority of them feel the way about work that is indicated above. I don’t blame them however, this attitude is the result of the previous generation teach their kids that everyone is a winner, and giving them trophies for just showing up. Now, these young people go around expecting to be handed a job for no good reason, for just showing up and to have nothing but fun while getting paid to do so.

Reality is now setting in on these people, as they show up with no experience and expect to get their dream job without putting in the time. Now they work for minimum wage, or are on the system, are stay at home parents and complain about being poor and not having enough money. Grow up people and get off the system, put your time in and reap the rewards.

Now to address the original statement in regards to the Millennial and the person who made the statement in paragraph one. While I am pretty sure I was the intended “Millennial” who was deemed as staying poor, being a stay at home dad and going to complain about not having enough money, and that wearing a shirt and tie was too uptight, I have to say that it could have been another individual that was being indicated here. The example is to close to a situation that I was in to think that the individual who made the original statement could have known two such individuals in identical circumstances, but anything is possible.

A couple of months ago, I was set up with an interview with an insurance company by an acquaintance. I met with the interviewer and things seemed to go well, I had a few misgivings at first, and with some perspective and talking to the wife, I decided to pursue the job, as my job hunt was fruitless thus far. I began to buy things that I would need for the job, such as a new laptop, cell phone, filing cabinet, business casual attire, police check, etc. Worked out a plan to get me to the training, (which was about four hours away from my location) so that my wife could have the only vehicle we own for appointments and what not for herself and our two boys. I was going to take the train up on Sunday, then the wife and kids were going to join me on Thursday night and after I was done for the day on Friday we were going to go home, and repeat for the entire three-week process.

Met with the lady I had been dealing with twice more, once a week after the original interview to do some paperwork in regards to getting the job, and again two weeks later, the Friday before I was scheduled to leave. At this last meeting, (which took place at around 4pm), we were going over the welcome package to explain how things are going to work over the time of training, accommodations, etc. During the very first page, I found out that the dress code for this company was not business casual, but full business attire, (suit and tie for those of you who have never had to wear it) and the rooms were going to be double occupancy, meaning that my plan to be able to afford the transportation and go was now out the window and I had to buy a new wardrobe for this job, all before I had to be on a train at 2:30 pm on the coming Sunday. After speaking some more with the lady, I decided that I was done with this company for two reasons, first I had already spent a thousand dollars or more on preparing for this job, money that I could have been using to rectify the wardrobe and transportation issue while buying the laptop and a few other things later. Second, and most importantly, the poor communications from the person I was dealing with. Had I been informed of what the accommodation was going to be, we never would have planned to have the wife and the boys come up every week, I could have found a way to afford to get back and forth to the training and have the necessary attire to meet the dress code. Since I found all this out with less than forty-eight hours until I left, I couldn’t work for this company, as I should have been told all of this at the meeting two weeks prior to this one so I could plan accordingly.

As for my current living conditions, my family has more than enough money coming in to pay our bills every month. We are debt free, everything we have we own. (How many people can say that?) In the last two years, my wife and I have spent money on going to see some pretty big name celebrities perform, for our anniversary this year we went to see Jeff Dunham, and I went last year to see Weird Al Yankovic’s Mandatory Tour (Not the cheap seats).

So to this individual, (whom likely won’t read this) taking this job would have put us in debt or at the very least diminished the retirement savings that we have more than it already did, family ALWAYS come first over any job, and any employer that has such poor communication skills is not worth the time and effort, I’d rather work in a call centre than work for a company that communicates some pretty important information at virtually the last minute. I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge, a wife who loves me and that I love in return and two wonderful boys that I adore. If that makes me poor, then I would rather be poor than rich any day of the week. As far as the dress code goes, had it just been a shirt and tie it wouldn’t have even been an issue, I have dress shirts and ties and good shoes and what not, what the blazes do you think I wear to weddings and funerals? I could have more than easily dress for the company standard if it was business casual, like almost every other business in industry is today. I can’t help it that your company is stuck in the ’70’s and ’80’s. That aside, I would have gladly dressed the part to the full suit standard if I had been given more than a day and a half to get the attire required. If that in your opinion makes me a throwback to the ’60’s and some who don’t want to work for the corporate oppressors, you are welcome to believe that, but you couldn’t be more wrong. As far as complaining about having no money I will just say that you really have no idea as to what finances and investments I have backing me up, it suffices to say that we are not hurting.

The next time you feel like judging someone, how about you actually find out what reasoning is driving the decisions not what is being said on the surface, you might just be hearing the list of symptoms and missing the underlying cause.


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